Sketch, Draw and Paint

This is a sketch I made of my fellow clasmate during art class. We had a few minuts to make it and we needed to show with color where he had his weight. In this case he had the weight equally spread on both his legs.

10707945_913556702006659_1756494746_n        10685304_913556635339999_221120362_n


This ia another sketch with coal also done in a few minuts.




These leaves are painted with aquarelle colors. The assignment was to paint a leaf as ”accurate” as possible.

10708114_913556788673317_478713754_n       10685060_913556722006657_422165036_n



We made some 3D paperart in class and had to add a feeling to it. Here is my result:

3s2 3d

The feeling I chose was sadness, as you might have guessed.

The assignment was to make a face with just a few lines. Here are my faces:

1  I made the ”lines” with small paper pieces.


Croquis with a professional woman. They are all made within a certain time so when the time was up we had to stop. All are made with pencil except the ”dark” one that is made with coal.

2 1 For this one I used my fingers, bread and cotton to get the white areas.

5 4 3

My ”Life” in a painting: In this painting I have worked with layers and tape. Each layer is describes my mood on that specific day. Therefore the painting is a summery of my feelings in Life latety.

In progress:

tavla2 tavla 1




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