We are making sculptures in school and I chose to work with wax. We had to choose a feeling for it and I chose ”confusion” since that is what I feel when I look at it.

My inspiration artist is Alberto Giacometti and down below is my sketch for the sculpture.


Here are som pictures from the beginning of the process:

skulptur3 skulptur4

The sculpture has a base made of cement to make it stable. I will later praypaint it all black so it will be ”one” piece instead of a base and sculpture on the top.

Here are som more from todays class…

skulptur6 skulpur6 skulptur5 skulptu8

Here are some pictures of the bird:

6 7 From that to this:10

I have now done most parts of the sculpture, but there are still details that needs to be done. For example, the eyes, put it all together, maybe some ears.

12 11

Now I am almost finished!

I have covered it all with wax and poured in some kind of mix that will keep it stable.

13 14 15 615

The finish result!

skulptur1 skulptur2


We are supposed to create something that has to do with the human body. It can be clothes, jewelry, body art ect. I chose to make clothes out of paper. Here are some pictures of my ”dress” so far:

4 5 3

The final result:



We made 3D prints and worked with thinkercad on the computer. Here is my little Penguin that I made. (It is extremly tiny!!)


The latest project I have worked with is a greek inspired dress.

The front and back:

¨klänning3  klänning 2

In the back I sewed on small golden-ish beads by hand:





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