Inspired by Gregory Crewdson and his way of planning his photos and choosing what shall and what shall not be in it. The task was to take a serious picture of a kid and a laughing picture of an older person.

IMG_8627-     IMG_8642-


Inspired by a childbook illustrator that teached our class about photoshop. These two flowers were later used for a photography exhibition in school.


flowerfish final2

This photo is taken in Auswitch Birkenau and was used for photography class.

IMG_6131~old fashion

This is a picture from an exhibition we were going to have.

The theme was Strange Places.

~pic7 bird window 3


The assignment was to creat our own moodboard that would describe ourselves.

feet   moodboard - finish

The assignment here was to make a triptych with our own photos. Both of the triptyches are created from one photo and then changed in some way. They are both taken by me in a studio.

triptyk1   stol triptyk

This is the from of a CD cover we made.




Caricature of one of the greatest dictator of EVIL

Klara karikatyr



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