Hello Everyone!

My name is Klara Gellerstam and I am a highschool student at Hulebäcksgymnasiet in Sweden. Here I study art and design. I chose the course beacuse I love being creative and being able to use my creativity ever day is wonderful. I discovered my love for photography here and what I enjoy doing the most is creating a piece that contains a lot of different material. Making a sculpture out of old trash is one of those things.

Here I will share my work and I hope you will all enjoy it!

If you would like to see some more of my photography skills you are most welcome to visit my personal blog; www.nattstad.se/Klara96

Here are some of the pieces I have made:

instalation1 instalation2

These are made from different things that all have a specific meaning to me. Therefore it it my life on a cardboardbox.


This is made from broken old porcelain scutptures  that I put together. Then I added some details, the sword and dolphine. There is a reason why they are added so it is not just random stuff.


I also like making ordinary things special. For example, celebrationcards.

Here are som I made. They are all costumised for the reciever and one of a kind.

kort3 kort2 kort1

I have also made a childbook with pictures that I created in photoshop. When I was done i made the pages plastic covers so the child could drool and lick it as much as he/she wanted. I came up with how to make the eplasic covers myself and therefore I did not use any machine.

presentharry2 presentharry1.



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